Mold Remediation in Chesapeake, VA


Personal Touch Services employs IICRC certified mold technicians capable of handling diverse and challenging mold remediation projects. Monthly training ensures the job is done safely and up to building codes.

We are a 3 State Certified Mold Removal Supervisors and Helpers company. All mold issues are handled discreetly and professionally, utilizing certified hygienists to promulgate detailed remediation protocols when needed. We take air samples, bulk or tape lift samples, and provide clearance letters.

Mold remediation underway in Chesapeake, VA

All local and federal guidelines are followed when providing mold services. Job sites are kept clean and containment operations set in place to prevent any mold/spores from spreading to adjacent areas. With our caliber of staff and equipment, we can handle mold remediation projects from Categories I though IV. Our methods of mold removal include sanding, scraping, bulk removal, and soda and dry-ice blasting depending upon the circumstances.

Earth-friendly products are used for mold removal to protect pets and family. When warranted, a hygienist ensures the site has been cleared of mold and airborne spores before removing the containment areas and putting the affected area back together.

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